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Old v New Technology

Technology has been tried on construction sites to provide security and replace man guards several times over the last 15 years or so to varying degrees of success. In most cases, users reverted back to man guards because technology wasn’t at a point where it could out perform a guard and the technical problems with early alarm systems were common and painful. The last few years though has seen a turnaround, with a number of different products and systems coming on to the market that really do mean that the £75,000 per year you are spending on one guard is essentially wasted profit!

So now we have basically retired the guard, lets focus on the types of technology that are available to replace him.

Cabled CCTV (Big boys toys)

This is functional technology at its most basic. The initial install costs are high due to the amount of cabling required to each CCTV unit. Engineer visits are high and therefore expensive as the cables often get cut buy kids and or damaged by heavy plant and the best part is that unless you are paying for an operator to sit and watch the monitoring screens for every moment the site is closed, these cameras will do nothing for you except show you your equipment going out the gate the next morning. Horses and gates come to mind.

Battery / Diesel powered CCTV towers (Big boys toys)

These are a great solution for certain situations. In the main, they run off either mains power or a generator with a 24 hour battery backup. They are also monitored during your closed hours and combine CCTV with motion sensors, so video is only interrogated if motion is detected.

If you have a small area such as a plant storage area on a civil engineering job, one of these towers will probably cover the entire site, however, if you have a construction site with numerous properties in different states of completion, angles of view may limit the units effectiveness and multiple units may be required. At a basic cost of £300 – £400 per week per unit plus the cost of delivering a 500KG unit, costs can add up fast.

Wireless CCTV with motion detection

Battery life



4 cameras cost about £185 per week

Video enabled wireless battery powered Temporary Alarm Systems

Just because a security system is Big and Tough and powered by mains or a generator doesn’t mean its efficacy is any greater than a smaller more flexible solution.

Lets imagine a property development site with Herras fencing front and back and existing properties to either side that significantly restrict access to the site from the sides. Suppose there are 13 properties being built, a plant storage area, a materials storage area and a couple of containers / cabins, all of which is built on a slight slope.

Now picture a security system control unit that is waterproof, crush proof, is less than 10 x 8 x 3 inches, does not need to be accessed once on site and is hidden away somewhere safe. This incredible unit will communicate to up to 70 video enabled dual optic motion sensors that are immune to false activations by animals and bad weather which can be installed up to ½ KM away in all directions.

This site can be secured effectively with 8 Video PIRs (RaiderVision PIRs) which have 12 meter detection by 90 degree, 20 meters I.R illumination & a 110 degree angle of view.. In addition to the sensors, one keypad and one siren are required. Total weekly hire charge £100 + VAT including NSI Gold monitoring. SIA alarm response service added at a cost of £1.00 per day.

This site could have been secured at the groundwork stage with one good CCTV system with 4 cameras, however, as the site evolved and cabins were added and each structure grew, this site would need at least 8 cameras due to angles of view, at a cost of at least £200 per week, or 4 CCTV towers at a cost of £1200+.

So this is an obvious cost benefit to you the client. Add to that the fact that our systems are constantly communicating with our servers. If a detector goes faulty, a battery is low, the detector has been moved, or any number of other nuisance issues, we know about it immediately and can take appropriate action to remedy the issue before it becomes a problem for you. We can even arm the systems remotely for you if you leave site and forget to arm the system, with just one phone call.

Another useful feature that monitored CCTV will not provide, is the ability to add smoke and flood sensors to the systems and install them to each property when the windows and doors are fitted. I could go on, but I’m sure you are getting the message.

Oh yes….. It’s all designed, built and supported in the UK!

The System You Use

  • Uni-directional (only controlled at site)
  • Standard single or dual beam detectors
  • Bells only / SMS alerts
  • You or client attend site on every alarm event, accurate or false
  • Keypad/fob arm/disarm at site
  • Hardwired
  • Minimum rental period
  • Forget to arm it when you leave site?
    …BUMMER, go back!

Out System & Service

  • Bi-Directional 100%
  • Leading dual beam video enabled detector
  • NSI Gold alarm monitoring
  • SIA response to visually verified alarm events. No intruder, no response
  • Keypad / 7 day timer / remote arm/disarm
  • 100% battery powered 100% wireless
  • Daily billing
  • Just call, we can do it in seconds remotely

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