Purchase & Rental

Purchase & Rental Options

Obviously every project is different and project duration makes a fundamental difference to your choice of solution. That’s why at CSS we offer Rental & Sales options.

Rental Option

CSS provide the full security solution as detailed on our ‘Solutions’ page, on a monthly rental basis. Installation & Removal charges apply.

  • Wireless Control system

    (includes ARC monitoring)

  • Wireless Keypad

  • Wireless Raider Vision

    External / Internal Visually Verified PIRs

  • Wireless External PIRs

    (Non Visually Verified)

  • Wireless Internal PIRs

    (Non Visually Verified)

  • Wireless Smoke Detectors

  • Wireless Flood Detectors

  • Wireless Orientation Detectors

  • Wireless Siren

*All the prices shown on this website are examples only. The systems we supply are completely modular and so can have dozens of different detectors connected to it. As no two projects are the same, we cannot provide a definitive price before speaking with you.

Purchase Option

For permanent installations such as farms, fisheries and churches etc., a monthly rental scheme would be impractical. For this reason we offer the following 2 part package:

Part 1

Customer purchases the electronic security system outright, or via a lease purchase provider.

Part 2

Customer  contracts CSS to provide the rest of the solution – ARC monitoring, system maintenance & rapid response if required.

  • Wireless Control system

    Inc. VAT (Battery powered 12 months or mains powered) £ (Includes access to online control portal)

  • Wireless Keypads

    Inc. VAT (Optional. The system can be armed / disarmed via its timer function or via and internet connected device)

  • Annual Data Charge

    Inc. VAT (We supply the network locked security roaming SIM card. This annual charge is for unlimited data transmission between your system and the control portal and ARC)

  • Annual ARC Monitoring Charge

    Inc. VAT (This is optional. The systems will also signal the users registered on the system if you prefer to monitor it yourselves)

  • Wireless Visually Verified External PIRs

    (These send a video clip of intruders to you / the ARC even in complete darkness. The detectors are immune to bad weather and animals)

  • Wireless Non Visually Verified PIRs

    (Immune to bad weather and animals)

  • Wireless Sirens

  • Wireless Internal PIRs

  • Wireless Smoke Detectors

As every site, farm and church roof is different, it is not possible to provide a specific price example, however, the following will allow you to estimate the cost. Alternatively, call us on 01685 350418 for a free quotation