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Farms & Fisheries Security Services

Until recently, providing effective security on farms and fisheries has been an expensive and technically challenging proposition, especially if you want to secure anything other than the actual buildings.

From our base in South wales, the CSS solution can not only provide reliable detection and signaling of intruders to your buildings, but also to the land itself. The CSS visually verified battery powered wireless security can be used to monitor all entrances and exits to the site as well as providing trap protection at key areas of the site such as equipment storage areas and fuel storage tanks etc.

As these applications are likely to be permanent, making ongoing system rental an expensive proposition, CSS in South Wales offer an outright purchase option on the security systems with an ongoing maintenance, monitoring and response service (If required) which is billed on a monthly basis.

The main benefits to you as a CSS client

  • Fast installation

  • Trap protection

  • Perimeter protection

  • Gate protection

  • Building protection

  • Visually verified alarm events

  • Immune to bad weather and wildlife

  • Whole site protection, not just the buildings

  • No power or telephone lines required

  • Free security assessment

  • NSI Gold standard monitoring

  • SSAIB Accredited installation

  • SIA Accredited rapid response to alarm activations

  • ACPO Secured by Design approved system

  • Competitive pricing

  • 1+ year battery life

UK services from 4 main locations

Cardiff, London, Birmingham & Manchester.
We can advise you on the best technology for your needs.
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