Construction Site Alarm Hire

Theft and vandalism protection on construction and civils projects don’t have to cost a fortune with our Raidervision Construction Site Security system & service. Click the title for more.

Scaffolding Alarm Hire

Flexible cable free video based scaffolding alarms, with 24/7 NSI Gold alarm monitoring and response. No false alarms even in high traffic environments. Click the title for more.

Vacant Property Security

An insurance industry approved vacant property alarm system and service can reduce the cost of void property insurance premiums. Click the title for more.

RaiderVision Range Demonstration

Why Choose Us?

  1. We employ a market leading security system that is UNIQUE to us & out-performs any other system currently available.
  2. We follow every security event, no matter how small, right through to its conclusion at director level.
  3. We maintain high levels of contact with site managers to ensure our service adapts immediately to changes in site structure and activities.
  4. Because WE lose sleep if we don’t do an excellent job…and we like our sleep.
  5. Customer service doesn’t get any better. Call us on 0800 030 4090 and find out for yourself.

Excellence comes from diligence!

If we didn’t care so much about the people we work with and for, we would be much wealthier than we are. Money is great, but earning it honestly, ethically and at a fair rate for the service levels we provide is extremely important to us. If we are protecting your or your clients assets, you are part of our family and family comes first every time. For our clients we are Simon & Howard on their speed dial, not The security company!

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