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Continuous remote monitoring

Security Alarms

Always Working.
Even when you're not.

Immediate response time, captures everything

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SIA certified rapid guard response to alarm activations

Full site Security


No cables or power required

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Video based alarm system

Remotely operated.

Continuous service.

Protecting your site assets and providing you 24/7 cover

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Construction Site & Scaffolding Security Alarm Service

RaiderVision is the world’s most advanced temporary alarm system and the only one on the market designed specifically for temporary external and remote applications. Designed and built in the UK, RaiderVision provides a highly client-centric surveillance service for construction site security, scaffolding security and vacant property security throughout the UK. Here’s how our alarm service works

Step 1

Site assessment. How many alarm units will your site require.

Raidervision security alarm

Step 2

Position and install RaiderVision alarm units on site.

Raidervision security alarm installation

Step 3

24/7 surveillance monitoring of both faults and intrusion events
Security alarm monitoring office

Step 4

In case of alarm trigger, we look after everything

construction security alarm event

How Does RaiderVision compare with other security services?

There are a number of ways to secure construction sites, remote compounds, scaffolding and vacant property, so we thought it best to create this security comparison table to provide you with guidance on what to expect from each security option, and how Raidervision compares to each one.

"Using the RaiderVision service was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The service is like nothing I have experienced before and gives me total peace of mind; whilst the RaiderVision system itself is outstanding, it’s the service that really stands out as remarkable ... Read more
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