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Site Survey & System Design

Generally we are able to provide a quotation from a combination of client plans and Google Earth information. If site plans are not available or if a site is large or complex, we are happy to carry out a full survey and security risk assessment. At the same time a full H&S survey will be undertaken or, if the quotation was provided based on site plans, the H&S survey will be conducted on the day of installation prior to installing equipment.

Alarm Installation

Our Alarm systems are 100% battery powered, will run for over a year between battery changes and communicate via the 2G,3G & 4G networks, so there are absolutely no cables involved. This means that installation is quick and simple, sites can be reconfigured easily and there are no repetitive charges for repairing damaged cables as is common on standard CCTV systems.

Daily Hire

There are no minimum hire periods to be tied in to. Clients only pay for the days that the systems are on site. During this time, all monitoring and maintenance is included in the daily hire price, so there are no hidden extras to worry about.

System Control

CSS systems report the status of every system component and detector to our control room every 120 seconds, allowing us to maintain the efficacy of client security at all times. This real time communication is bi-directional allowing our staff to reconfigure, arm & disarm clients systems remotely as required. No other system on the market allows this kind of flexibility and control.

Weekly Site Updating

We know that civils and construction sites are dynamic, some more than others and it is important from a security perspective to be aware of some of these changes in order to maintain the efficacy of the security systems and service.

Each week at the same time an SMS message is sent by our system to every site manager in charge of sites we secure, asking them 9 questions, to which site managers respond by typing numbers 1 – 9. This allows our staff to determine which sites are in need of redeployment of cameras due to site reconfiguration etc., down to being able to update police and response teams with the codes to replacement padlocks.

Fault Monitoring

Due to the design of our equipment, all client systems are reporting their status and the status of all connected detectors to our servers every 120 seconds. This allows our staff to flag any issues that may effect the efficacy of the clients security in real time and take the appropriate action. Appropriate action could be the dispatch of an engineer to site, or it may be an issue that can be rectified remotely from our offices as the systems allow real time remote control and configuration.

Alarm Monitoring

All clients system benefit from a double redundant monitoring system. All alarm activations are sent directly to our control room for interrogation and a decision as to whether response is required. As a safeguard to ensure that no alarm events are ever missed, our alarms also report directly to an NSI Gold Alarm Receiving Centre.

SIA Response

When a clients alarm system is triggered, CSS staff receive a video from the individual detector that activated within a few seconds. If upon interrogating the video an intruder is seen, the SIA response is dispatched immediately. If the site in question is a closed site, or if it is evident that the intruder has bad intentions, the police are also called. Each alarm attendance is logged on our system and a report sent to the client the next morning, along with any relevant information, crime reference numbers etc.

Police Response

Police response can be requested when specific intrusion criteria are met. Unfortunately police response cannot be relied upon to be immediate, which is why SIA response is included as standard with our service.


We make every effort to work to our clients time tables when completing a project, however, as with initial installation, we generally require 2 working days notice to remove a system at the end of a clients project.

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