RaiderVision alarms – a  managed service

We appreciate that our clients are not alarm engineers – or trained response guards! We don’t expect you to lie awake all night, ready to react every time an alarm sounds, yet other security providers seem to expect this of you!

Our aim is to take the day-to-day running of your site’s security out of your hands, whilst keeping you regularly updated about its status. After all, you have a project to build and you need the security to be taken care of.

24/7 fault monitoring

From the moment your RaiderVision system goes live on your site, we take responsibility. Every two minutes, we know whether every system, siren, keypad and camera is working or not and, if one isn’t, we send an engineer to the site before you even know there’s an issue.

Twice-weekly camera efficacy checks

Twice a week we request video from every camera to ensure that your site staff have not moved a camera or placed building materials in a location that blocks its view. Should this happen, we email the site manager with the results and make arrangements for things to be rectified. A report is emailed to site manager with these results twice each week.

24/7 Double redundant monitoring

All RaiderVision systems are monitored in-house by our dedicated staff. We do not monitor standard intruder alarms, fire alarms or CCTV, as do many other providers, meaning that your site alarms are attended instantly by trained specialists, not general operators.

In addition to our control room staff, all RaiderVision systems are monitored by a national NSI Gold ARC. This is simply back-up, and we guarantee our alarm handling response is faster than any other provider.

Rapid response to confirmed alarms

In the event of an intruder gaining access to your site, we despatch a Security Industry Authority (SIA) guard to the site. We aim to arrive on site within 10 minutes, at which point the guard contacts our control room staff. The guard will carry out a complete patrol of your site and check all structures, plant and fences.

Rapid event logging & resetting

Providing the intruder has gone, the site is secure and there is no sign of damage or obvious theft, the logged event is closed down. The guard contacts our control room to give the all-clear and a report is sent to the client, including a video link for the activation.

Constant presence until the situation is resolved

If the intruder is still on site when the guard arrives, if the site cannot be made secure or if there is damage or obvious theft, the police will be called. You will also be contacted for instructions, whilst the guard will remain on site until you arrive or until the site can be secured.

We send you a report with a video link and crime reference number. Only at this point is the event then closed down.