RaiderVision wireless video camera detector units.

Fully armoured for hazardous environments

Built to withstand low and high temperatures

100% Wireless installation

No power cables required

Video confirmed alarm triggers

High volume siren

20m Animal imune detection beam

Remote control operation from control room

1km range

What Makes RaiderVision Different

A combination of the world’s most stable externally rated detectors with market-leading illumination and video capture and transmission technology.

The units feature motion sensors with dual-beam animal immune detectors designed to accurately detect warm objects, such as people and vehicles, without false activations due to wildlife and weather.

The RaiderVision technology sends video to CSS servers in seconds, allowing rapid response to alarm events.

The units have a continuous 24/7 real time connection to monitoring and control room staff and can be controlled remotely where required, without power, telephone lines or cables.

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Unit power – our fail-proof system

RaiderVision systems are battery powered, with each device operating for about a year on its batteries. When a device battery starts getting low, the system sends a low battery message to our control room servers, giving you absolute confidence that the batteries won’t suddenly run out.

System checks ensure reliability

An engineer will be scheduled to attend the site to replace the battery, free of charge, once the low battery alert is received. Our control room staff also perform ‘system efficacy’ checks, including reviewing signal strengths, battery voltages and communication speeds for every device on each customer’s system.

Video checks for constant monitoring

We also request video from every camera twice each week, to check that the detector and camera view have not been obscured by building materials or other objects that could prevent them detecting intruders. Clients receive an email report each time we do this.

Rapid reaction to any fault

On the rare occasion we do uncover a problem with equipment, we arrange a site visit and replace it. If the problem is caused by an obstruction, we send the video to the site manager via email and arrange with him to have the obstruction removed or the camera re-sited.

No power cables needed

Our fully battery-powered alarm systems communicate via the 2G,3G and 4G networks, eliminating the need for any cables. As a result, installation is quick and simple, sites can be reconfigured easily and there are no repetitive charges for repairing damaged cables, as is common on standard CCTV systems.

Unit installation

RaiderVision units are installed at 1.2m off the ground, to ensure the detection of intruders more quickly than standard high-mounted systems. The cameras and stands are fully steel armored to prevent damage..

Unit coverage

The Raidervision modular security system can secure sites up to 2km x 2km with just a single control unit, but Raidervision is not just for big sites. A complete system could be just a single camera or a hundred cameras. The modular nature means the system can be a cost effective solution for any size of site.

The Raidervision system can be deployed to create either a full perimeter protection zone, or alternatively, the most popular solution, as ‘trap protection’ covering gates and key / vulnerable areas of the site. Each Raidervision camera unit will detect, illuminate and video an area of 20 meters x 90 degrees each.

"We have appointed Compound Security to provide RaiderVision security on a similar project in the East Midlands following the success of the previous job."