As manufacturers of equipment in addition to being a provider of end to end security services for construction sites, we deal not only with a lot of construction company clients, but also other security companies who provide temporary alarm services to their clients. This provides us with a unique insight in to the quality of security services within the industry.

Our unique system not only reports to our control room every 2 minutes with the battery, signal and tamper status of every camera, but it also allows us twice every week to request video from every camera on every client site. This allows us to confirm that the cameras are operational, are sending video, have not been moved by site staff and are not obscured by building materials etc. Each time this is performed a report is emailed to every client site manager.

Now you would think that any temporary site security system would do all this and every security provider would check their systems on a regular basis to ensure that their client sites are constantly protected, but this is just not the case. New clients are constantly telling us how impressed they are with our service and that for the first time, they are confident that their security is actually working.

Recently we came to hear that quite a reputable security provider had been billing a client for a scaffolding alarm that had been on site for around 5 months. The client called them asking when they were going to collect the alarm system, as it had been removed before Christmas (2 months ago) and was sitting in their offices in a box. The security provider was completely unaware of this fact.

Having good quality equipment such as the RaiderVision system is a great start to providing excellence in site security, but it is the quality of the service behind the equipment that really makes a difference. Most security companies either use a national monitoring provider to inform them when an alarm is activated and do no monitoring of the day to day status of the equipment, resulting in construction sites with essentially useless equipment on them. Others monitor their own alarms but these can run in to hundreds or thousands of systems, because they also provide domestic and commercial security services, again way to many to monitor the efficacy of them all.

At Compound Security Specialists, we are different to just about all other providers in that we monitor all our systems ourselves and do not provide regular security systems for homes and businesses. All we do is temporary site security and this allows us to focus all our attention on a relatively small number of sites and take the time to ensure the efficacy of every client system every day!