Construction Site Alarm System Hire

Man or machine?

The advantage of electronic instant video security systems such as Raidervision or mobile CCTV towers over man guarding is that all areas of the site are being monitored at all times. With a guard, only the area he is in at any given time is being monitored and if intruders spot the guard before entering site, the guards are easily avoided. This is not the case with a network of constantly live RaiderVision units or CCTV towers covering the site.

Ideal for any size project

Whether a small or large construction project in a single location or numerous small compounds on a civil engineering project, the CSS RaiderVision system provides a highly stable, flexible and cost effective solution to protecting plant, materials and structures, without the problems inherent to fixed cabled systems, the cost of CCTV towers or man guards and their welfare infrastructure requirements. Stories from happy clients who have used our systems can be found on our testimonials page

Highly resilient armoured components

With our all but indestructible ARMORED RaiderVision & CCTV tower systems, there is no need for guard huts and facilities, no guards arriving late or not doing their scheduled rounds. There are no cables to be damaged by heavy plant requiring expensive engineer visits on a weekly basis which rack up significant running costs. Just a market leading security system designed to be highly flexible and to provide exactly what you need to secure your project, accurately and reliability!

If clients sites have large open spaces for example at the early stages of a project, or if during the project there is a requirement to be able to stream a video feed of site activity in real time and record vehicle registrations etc., then CCTV towers are the obvious choice. At CSS we provide some of the most advanced CCTV towers available. Clients are provided access to the systems via an App in order to monitor site operations whereever they are.

Immediate response

Both the RaiderVision system and our CCTV towers provide our control room with almost instant video confirmation of intruder activity on a site. This allows our SIA certified rapid response and police to be dispatched to the site within a couple of minutes of the alarm and the ability to direct responders to the specific area of the site where the intruders are located.


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The example below shows how 9 Raidervison wireless armouredcamera / detector modules can effectively secure a site of this configuration. The areas in red demonstrate the area covered by each unit.

The image below demonstrates the limitations of using a single CCTV camera tower placed centrally to the same site. Areas in blue demonstrate the blind spots in coverage. The Raidervision example above provides a higher level of security and a 50% cost saving compared to a CCTV Tower.

The example below demonstrates an ideal application for a CCTV tower, with areas in blue being the only blind spots. Using Raidervision to provide full coverage of such a site from boundary to boundary could easily be achieved, however, in this instance, due to the being NO structures on the site, a CCTV tower is the most cost effective solution. This will change if structures are built. CCTV tower site lines will become obscured and a Raidervision system will then become the best solution

If on the other hand, clients only required protection of certain areas of this site, such as cabins, plant parking etc. then Raidervision once again becomes the most effective and affordable option. The red areas in the diagram below demonstrate coverage of key areas within the site using 7 Raidervision units at a considerable cost saving over a CCTV tower.


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