Temporary alarm hire for construction sites by RaiderVision

Construction security site alarm

Surveillance alarms suitable for any size construction site

Whether you operate a small or large construction project in a single location, or numerous small compounds on a civil engineering project, the CSS RaiderVision system provides a highly stable, flexible and cost effective temporary solution for protecting plant, materials and structures without the problems inherent to fixed cabled systems, the unreliability of CCTV towers or the cost of human guards and their welfare infrastructure requirements. RaiderVision Is currently live on over 250 sites of all configurations across the UK providing 24/7 security monitoring using our hard-wearing detector units

Easily deals with harsh environments

Our armoured alarm equipment is designed specifically for use in hazardous environments and includes continuous bi-directional communication to our control room, full remote control from our control room and network-hopping video transmission. Combined with unprecedented service and support levels, this creates a service that won’t be surpassed, as these happy clients will testify

"We have appointed Compound Security to provide RaiderVision security on a similar project in the East Midlands following the success of the previous job."

No power required

In addition, there’s a one-year battery life on all construction alarm components. Batteries are changed at no extra cost and the system alerts us before they fail. The absence of cables, plus our ability to request video from any camera, at any time, eliminates the need for engineer visits to move cameras, although clients can, of course, request that an engineer attends.

Adapts as the site layout changes

All our construction site alarms are designed to be movable by the client without the need for heavy equipment. Just call our control room, advise us on what’s being moved and our staff will check the video to ensure detection is covering the correct area. No other construction or scaffolding alarm system can offer such easy configuration changes keeping up with the way a site changes during the project.
RaiderVision is constantly working for you, all day, every day.

RaiderVision has allowed us to provide a premium service to our clients for a fraction of the price of a guard or in some cases on larger projects in addition to a guard by cutting down the need for multiple guards. The equipment is easy to use, easily relocatable and very reliable.

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