Damaging services on site due to ground penetrating fencing, security equipment and other site activities. A partial solution.

Problem 1 – Reducing Ground Penetration

We were recently approached by a leading UK construction national who were looking for better electronic site security than they were currently getting. During the initial meeting they told us that they were on a mission to reduce ground penetration on sites due to the amount of times services were disrupted and the fines involved in those incidents. Currently they only option provided to them by other service companies were 50 gallon barrels filled with concrete in to which the camera pole was planted.

Problem 2 – Lower System Maintenance

While this solution solved the initial problem of not penetrating the ground, the company also wanted to reduce the number of engineer visits to site caused when their site staff needed a camera moved because it was interfering with current site operations. The current system had to be moved by fork lift and an engineer was required to re-set the cameras etc.

Single Solution to Both Problems

The Raidervision system is unique in many ways, but one is that our control staff and control 100% of the system functionality in real time remotely from the control room. We therefore designed the new Raidervision non-penetrating base unit (pictured below) to meet the clients non-penetrating requirement. The base system breaks down quickly and simply so that no single component weighs more than 25 KG, the H&S single person lifting limit. When relocated, the system goes back together in under a minute and weighs in at 69KG. The base has adjustable leveling feet to accommodate rough ground and the Herras weights can be secured to the base unit with a 1 meter high tensile cable and combination padlock, making the whole unit too hard for an intruder to move, but more than stable enough for day to day site operations.

Once a unit has been relocated, a quick call from the site manager to our control room is all that is required for our staff to log in to the system, check the camera signal strength and the video to ensure the camera is aimed correctly and that there are no other issues. All at no charge to the client.

This ensures maximum site security at all times and eliminates damaging buried services whilst allowing easy movement of equipment by site staff