How to hire RaiderVision for your project

Following your enquiry, our Raidervision surveyor will attend site and discuss your concerns, survey the site and discuss findings with you to determine what is required. The surveyor will then prepare a quotation. There is no charge for the survey and no obligation to place an order.

Once you provide the go ahead, the installation will be scheduled according to your timing and project requirements. Installation of a typical sized temporary alarm system takes around 3 hours on site. As soon as installation is complete, the 24/7 fault monitoring and 24/7 alarm monitoring and SIA / Police response will be live.

RaiderVision adapts as your site evolves

As your site evolves, occasional reconfiguration of the cameras may be required. The Raidervision system is designed in such a way that it can be moved easily by designated site staff. The designated staff member can move a camera and then contact our control room who will then check the camera position by requesting video from the specific camera. Providing both the control room operator and site staff member are happy with the new position, the matter is closed. There is no charge for this service. Of course, if you prefer the move is carried out by our engineers, that can be done, but this is chargeable.

As the Raidervision system is completely modular, cameras, keypads, sirens and smoke sensors can be added or removed as and when required as the project progresses.

The Raidervision service is available with no minimum hire period. Hire charges are calculated daily and billed monthly in arrears.

RaiderVision units are installed at 1.2m off the ground, to ensure the detection of intruders more quickly than standard high-mounted systems. Camera unit measures 500 x 120mm inc’ antenna height

RaiderVision cameras can be mounted on our unique NON-PENETRATING bases, which when broken down can be moved by site staff (No component more than 25KG). Alternatively, ground penetrating posts can be used and Raidervision cameras can also be fixed to Herras style and other fencing solutions is space is at a premium..


We require 5 working days notice to remove the alarm system at the end of the project.