Image Quality

One of the biggest misconceptions about CCTV is that the footage can be used to prosecute criminals. Whilst this is true, the requirement currently set by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is that the video must be HD quality, sufficiently light and the intruder’s face must fill 100% of the frame. Realistically, this means that only three percent of CCTV footage provided to the police can be used by the CPS

HD video can be used on a construction sites but it requires continuous power and cabling, which causes significant ongoing problems. In addition, intruders on site at night rarely look up and directly towards a camera lens, so HD video becomes pointless.

RaiderVision is designed so that, even in total darkness, each camera can detect and fully illuminate an intruder up to 20m away and send the video to our control room in seconds, allowing our staff to rapidly dispatch response guards and the police. Our aim is to make the whole process, from detection to arrival, as fast and fluid as possible in order to minimise damage and loss on site.