Mobile CCTV Camera Towers

1st there were static guards… Then there were Mobile CCTV Camera Towers…..

Mobile CCTV Camera Towers are a viable alternative when combined with rapid SIA guard response, to a static guard on a construction or ground-works project and can save up to 60% of the cost of a guard.

Our Mobile CCTV Camera Towers can be set up on site in as little as 20 minutes and are an excellent security tool for monitoring large open areas. If a site has limited sight lines along boundaries or between buildings being constructed, then the Raidervision system will be a better option.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Fast installation
  • 110 volt with 125 hour battery backup
  • Onboard LPG generator (28 day run time) for sites with no power
  • 360 degree coverage
  • Audio challenge
  • Optional number plate recognition

Offsite remote site monitoring facility for project managers

  • Market leading 150 Meter IR or white light illumination
  • Visually verified alarm events
  • Immune to bad weather and wildlife
  • No power or telephone lines required
  • Easy reconfiguration as your project evolves
  • NSI Gold standard monitoring of alarm events (double redundancy)
  • CSS In-house monitoring of alarm events

Twice weekly camera checks and site manager report

  • 24/7 in-house fault monitoring
  • SSAIB accredited installation
  • Secured by Design approved equipment
  • SIA accredited rapid response to alarm activations
  • Police Response
  • Compliant with NSI NCP-115 (Enhanced) Scaffolding alarm
    SSAIB CoP Scaffolding alarm (Enhanced) Standard & SSAIB TAS (Enhanced) Standard for Vacant Property Protection
  • Daily billing
  • No false alarm call-out charges
  • Competitive pricing

But wait! Now there is something even better than Mobile CCTV Camera Towers….. Now there is RaiderVision


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