RaiderVision Temporary Wireless Alarm Systems

Ridervision is a fully armoured, modular, battery powered, wireless, video based security system that has been designed and built by us in the UK.  The system has been designed specifically for harsh external environments and ultra fast video transfer to our control room. The most common uses for RaiderVision  are as a scaffolding alarm system or a construction site alarm system.

Raidervision is so advanced that not only does our control room monitor the systems for intruder activations, but also the status of every camera or device wirelessly connected to every system in the field in real time. This ensures that if for any reason a camera goes down, we know about it in 120 seconds and can schedule a repair or replacement, ensuring we maintain the efficacy of client systems.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Standard & Fully ARMORED systems designed for harsh environments.
  • Over 1km range
  • Fast installation
  • Trap protection
  • Perimeter protection
  • Gate protection
  • Market leading infra-red illumination
  • Visually verified alarm events
  • Immune to bad weather and wildlife
  • No power or telephone lines required
  • Easy reconfiguration as your project evolves
  • NSI Gold standard monitoring of alarm events (double redundancy)
  • CSS In-house monitoring of alarm events
  • 24/7 in-house fault monitoring
  • SSAIB accredited installation
  • Secured by Design approved equipment
  • SIA accredited rapid response to alarm activations
  • Police Response
  • Compliant with NSI NCP-115 (Enhanced) Scaffolding alarm
    SSAIB CoP Scaffolding alarm (Enhanced) Standard & SSAIB TAS (Enhanced) Standard for Vacant Property Protection
  • Daily billing
  • No false alarm call-out charges
  • Competitive pricing

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