Alarm Response Services

Our construction site, scaffolding and vacant property security services are all provided with alarm response services. In the event of an alarm activation our control room staff assess the cause of the activation and if an intruder is seen, our SIA (Security Industry Authority) certified rapid response guards are sent to site.

On arrival at the site, the guard notifies our control room and carries out a full site patrol, noting any obvious damage etc. Upon completion of the patrol, if intruder is no longer on site and there is no obvious damage to property or equipment, the site is secured and a report is emailed to the client site manager along with video of the intrusion.

If obvious damage or theft has occurred and or the intruder is still on site, police are called and the client site manager contacted for additional instructions. Once the situation has been resolved, a report is emailed to the client site manager along with a police incident number.

Guarding Services

No matter the state of current technological alternatives, there are always some sites where only a patrolling guard in Hi Vis will do. These guards can provide ‘out of hours’ cover or complete 24/7 services for front of house applications etc.

All our guards are fully SIA certified to the latest standards and fully insured for your peace of mind.

Client sites are fitted with our electronic tagging system. This records the guards presence at various points around clients sites. The data is recorded and time stamped. If a guard misses a tag, or does not activate the tag at the designated time, the system informs our control room who then contact the guard immediately. This ensures that client sites are being patrolled in line with our agreed job specification.

All our sites are randomly visited without notification to the guard during nighttime hours at irregular intervals. This is carried out by senior management and ensures that guards are carrying out their duties correctly at all times.

That being said, electronic site security systems such as Raidervision or mobile CCTV camera towers supported by rapid SIA guard response and police response are more than sufficient for most sites, providing the sites are well fenced. Mobile CCTV camera towers with response can reduce weekly static guard costs around 60% and a Raidervision system by even more.

Question: Do you want to save over £40,000 on your guarding costs this year?