Scaffolding Alarm System Hire

Protect your scaffolding now

The RaiderVision visually verified scaffolding alarm system is ideally designed for use on scaffolding projects. Its stocky build and smooth contours mean there are no sharp corners for staff to catch themselves on and no overly delicate bits to get damaged. 1 year onboard battery life and wireless communications also mean there is no cabling to get damaged or cause trip hazards. Typically the RaiderVision scaffolding alarm is installed to the first lift on all elevations. The units are positioned so that even if an intruder climbs the outside of the scaffolding, they are still detected. On buildings where upper lifts can be accessed directly from neighbouring buildings, RaiderVison cameras can be installed to those lifts also. Securing the first lift, complies with insurance requirements

No expensive false alarm call-outs

We appreciate that scaffolding is often in busy locations where vehicle headlights can cause false alarms with more run-of-the-mill systems. With the RaiderVision system, each activation sends a video directly to our control room & and NSI Gold ARC. We interrogate the video and only send a response team if the activation is caused by a person accessing the scaffolding and not a bird or cat etc. This means that with our Raidervision system clients NEVER get charged for response to false alarms.

Immediate response

As the RaiderVision scaffolding alarm provides instant video confirmation of the cause of the activation, our control room staff are able to request police attendance, something that cannot be done with a non visual system. Although in most cases police are quick to respond, there is sadly no guarantee of a timely response and for this reason, our service includes Security Industry Authority certified rapid response guards to all confirmed intruder events. Guards will assess all elevations of the scaffolding from the ground to the best of their ability, along with windows and doors if the scaffolding is on a property. If an intruder is still present or their is evidence of building penetration, the guard will remain on site until police arrive and clients notified. A full report including an HTML link to the relevant video of the intrusion will be provided to the client after every event.


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