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Scaffolding security alarm

First lift scaffold security camera location

In the majority of cases, scaffolding security alarms are installed to the first lift only, making it impossible for someone to access the first lift or climb past it on the outside. If there are adjoining buildings from which someone could access the scaffolding above the first lift, security cameras are also placed in those locations providing complete security for any size or configuration of scaffolding project.

On blocks of residential flats – especially where residents have balconies – cameras should generally be installed on all lifts, although this is optional and depends on individual circumstances.

Raidervision is an extremely and reliable system which delivers excellent temporary site protection when combined with the excellent service and response I receive from Compound Security. I have and will continue to use it across all of my projects as I have found it extremely effective at preventing intrusion on my sites.

Michal Slavik

Site Agent
Danaher & Walsh

Increased legislation for scaffold security alarms

Scaffold security alarms have been a legal requirement on projects within the M25 for some years and are becoming increasingly common across the rest of the UK, due not only to theft but also to health and safety issues relating to children and teens using scaffolds as climbing frames.

Wider monitoring range than existing scaffold security alarms

Most scaffold alarms systems use cheap single optic detectors, which, to avoid constant false alarms, are pointed directly at the building. This creates very small detection areas which leave most of the scaffolding unprotected. RaiderVision scaffold security units, with their dual optic detection systems, are installed to look along the scaffolding, ensuring that intruders cannot gain entry to the first lift without triggering the alarm and, in addition, cannot climb past the first lift on the outside of the scaffolding either.

RaiderVision scaffolding alarm systems are 100% cable free, fully armored and will not present trip hazards to staff working on the lifts.

No expensive false alarm call-outs

We appreciate that scaffolding is often in busy locations, where vehicle headlights can cause false alarms with many lesser systems. With RaiderVision scaffold alarm units, each activation sends a video directly to our control room and NSI Gold ARC. We examine the video and only send a response team if the activation is caused by a person accessing the scaffolding and not another movement such as a bird, cat or headlights. In turn, this means that clients never get charged for a response to false alarms.

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