Wireless security alarms – Sectors we work with

The RaiderVision modular temporary CCTV security alarm system is specifically designed for use in the following sectors: Construction, utilities, scaffolding, FM, rail, solar energy farms etc.

Raidervision is 100% wireless, does not need an external power, WiFi or telephone line and is the only temporary modular CCTV alarm system that is in constant bi-directional communication with our control room at all times. This means we are constantly monitoring the status of all our clients systems, allowing us to rectify faults before they become problems or failures.

In addition, Raidervision allows our operators to request video from every camera on every client system in the field twice a week and check that cameras have not been moved or obscured by site staff. This ensures the efficacy of every alarm system we have in the field.

Case Study: Aberdare School Development

Company: Robert Bailey
Sector: Construction
Security: External security for site equipment

How RaiderVision helped the development:

Previously, the client had installed CCTV towers and additional cameras, which were either not working correctly or were not being monitored correctly. There was evidence of multiple intrusions on site, and no alarm activations. The previous security equipment had been stolen and the security company was not even aware of it.

The RaiderVision system provides a reliable solution, whereby any theft – of the units themselves or on site – is picked up by the camera units and an alarm triggered off site. The cost of this system was equal to the previous system, which protected only one third of the site.

After installation, the site manager was shown how to test it and how to use the keypad. The RaiderVision system was in continuous contact with Compound, and is monitored for faults 24/7. Compound engineers were able to respond quickly to repair any faults on units – often without the client being aware of it!


On one occasion, the RaiderVision sirens went off and an intruder was confirmed on site, with a 10-minute response from Compound Security. A complete site survey was undertaken, confirming that the intruder had left the site, which is generally the case when RaiderVision’s sirens go off. A complete report was sent to the client the next day, along with video footage.