Sensitive Camera Detection

RaiderVision employs dual optic detection, meaning that an object must break two detection beams in order to trigger an alarm. This vastly reduces the number of false activations, compared to other systems using a single optic detector. This significant reduction in false alarms means we can respond to confirmed alarm activations much quicker than other providers.

Most Common Alarm Triggers In 2018

We recently ran a report on alarm activations over the last 12 months to see what the common triggers were. The findings were:

Examples of Confirmed Alarm Events

Main gate intrusion with vehicle; organized attack

Opportunist over-the-fence intrusion by teenagers or adults

Potential homebuyers wanting to see new houses

Rough sleepers using scaffolding to get off the street and under shelter

Children and teenagers using scaffolding as climbing frames

Examples of False Alarm Events

Plastic sheeting left on-site in front of cameras and blowing in high wind

Unsecured scaffold netting blowing in high wind

Unsecured Heras fence panels blowing in high wind

Birds landing on or directly in front of cameras

High wind causing significant movement in nearby foliage

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