SIA and police response

Uniquely, following a confirmed alarm activation, not only do we dispatch a guard to the site immediately, we maintain contact with the guard to ensure he / she arrives on site as fast as possible. The guard undertakes a complete site patrol and then reports back to our control room, notifying them of any gate or fence issues, obvious signs of theft or damage and whether or not the intruder is still on site. If there is anything amiss, the police are called and the client contacted. If all is in order and the intruder gone, we do not disturb the client, however, information is recorded and forwarded to the site manager the next morning, along with a video of the intruder.

Manned guards not required

The advantage of electronic instant video security systems such as RaiderVision, as opposed to man guarding, is that all areas of the site are monitored every moment a site is closed. With a guard, only the area he or she is in at any given time is monitored and then, only twice an hour when he or she leaves the cabin to do a patrol, so if a patrol takes 10 minutes twice an hour, the guard is only checking the security of the site for 4 hours per night, not the 12 that clients pay for. Organised intruders often use a spotter to keep an eye on the guard and warn the others if the guard heads their way. This is not the case with a network of constantly live RaiderVision units covering the site.

Alarm response services

Our construction site, scaffolding and vacant property security services are all provided with alarm response services. In the event of an alarm activation, our control room staff assess the cause of the activation and, if an intruder is seen, our SIA-certified rapid response guards are sent to the site.

On arrival, the guard notifies our control room and carries out a full site patrol, noting any obvious damage. Upon completion of the patrol, if intruder is no longer on site and there is no obvious damage to property or equipment, the site is secured and a report is emailed to the client site manager along with a video of the intrusion.

If obvious damage or theft has occurred and or the intruder is still on site, police are called and the client site manager contacted for additional instructions. Once the situation has been resolved, a report is emailed to the client site manager, along with a police incident number.

Police response

Police response can be requested when specific intrusion criteria are met. Unfortunately, police response cannot be relied upon to be immediate, which is why a SIA response is included as standard with our service.