RaiderVision Site surveys

Bespoke Monitoring, Every Time.

Every building site is different, but all have many factors in common. This means that in the majority of cases it is not necessary to attend site to survey for security system design, especially at the groundworks stages.

Using Digital Technology

Site plans used in combination with Google Earth means our staff can design and plan an installation quickly and accurately from the office, with Google Earth providing crucial information on the area around the site and the risks associated with them. Something actually quite hard to do in person without a birds eye view. Of course there will always be the occasional site that is complex and will need a visit from an expert on the ground.

Expert On-Site Advice

Our engineers are not just installers, they understand the equipment and the issues on site and when installing a system, they will not install blindly. If they disagree with the camera placement instructions provided, they will discuss with the site manager and our office and make any changes to the initial plan that are agreed by all parties.