A scaffolding alarm system is quickly turning into a necessity. There are various reasons why this is the case. Firstly, they help to protect against theft and damage. Simply having scaffolding security alarms up can act as a deterrent and immediately prevent unwanted intrusions. Then there’s the case of alarms becoming a legal requirement and needed to ensure insurance policies are valid.

Ultimately, scaffolding acts as a beacon for intruders and other unscrupulous characters. They supply a straightforward route into the property being worked on, and this can lead to on-site valuables being stolen. Others may see it as an ideal time to partake in vandalism, which can set your project back and cost you significant money. While you can hire security staff to overlook the site, this isn’t cost-effective or resourceful.

Yet you cannot just pick any scaffolding alarm system, either. You need one which can deliver advanced technology, comprehensive on-site security coverage, and round-the-clock surveillance. With those points in mind, there’s only one option available: RaiderVision.

Scaffolding security camera location

Most scaffolding security alarms are installed to the first lift only. This makes it impossible for someone to access the first lift or climb past it on the outside. With that said, there are exceptions to this process.

For instance, if there are adjoining buildings from which someone could access the scaffolding above the first lift, security cameras are also required. These cameras are used to monitor the access points supplied by the adjoining buildings. When in place, this surveillance provides complete security for your scaffolding project – no matter how big or complex the configuration.

Another example is with residential flats. On blocks of residential flats, especially those with balconies, cameras should typically be installed on all lifts. However, it is important to point out that this approach is optional and depends on individual circumstances.

When it comes to picking the right system, we will perform a full site assessment. This will help us to determine the number of alarm units required and where they should be positioned.

Wider monitoring range than existing scaffold security alarms

Most scaffolding alarm systems use cheap single optic detectors. Sadly, these are far from the most effective option. These detectors have to be pointed directly at the building –otherwise, they will often lead to regular false alarms. Not only is this inconvenient for you, but it will also mean that if a real incident was to happen, you might dismiss this as another false alarm. This is not the kind of security you want to be relying on. If the security system only has a small detection area, as well, it leaves most of the scaffolding unprotected, and causes you another problem.

RaiderVision scaffold security units, with their dual optic detection systems, are installed to look along the scaffolding. This ensures that intruders cannot gain entry to the first lift without triggering the alarm. In addition, they cannot climb past the first lift on the outside of the scaffolding, which provides better peace of mind.

Alongside the dual optic detection systems, the other industry-leading technology we utilise is also worthy of mention. For instance, our motion sensors include dual-beam animal immune detectors. This means that while significant objects – such as vehicles and people – are detected, wildlife and weather won’t cause false alarm activations.

RaiderVision scaffolding alarm systems are also 100% cable-free, fully armoured, and will not present trip hazards to staff working on the lifts. All of these points ensure we provide a fail-proof system. Our alarms are not going to suddenly stop working or function incorrectly. They are always alert, ready to capture the action and keep your site safe. What more could you want?

No expensive false alarm call-outs

We are aware and understand that scaffolding is often in busy locations, so the last thing you want is for vehicle headlights to cause false alarms. This will happen with any inferior systems. With RaiderVision scaffold alarm units, however, all activations result in a video being sent directly to our control room and NSI Gold ARC.

Once it is received, we examine the video and only send a response team if the activation is caused by a person accessing the scaffolding and not another movement such as a bird, cat, or headlights. In turn, this means that clients never get charged for a response to false alarms.

Again, this is made possible due to the technology we use for our scaffolding alarm systems. Our video capture and illumination are market-leading, which means we always gain accurate imagery of what is happening on your site. Any captured videos are also sent to our response team within seconds. As a result, we can provide rapid responses to any alarm events.

As for the response team itself, it operates on a 24/7 basis and is always ready when intrusions or faults are brought to their attention by the alarm. Once this is done, the team will investigate the situation and decide if further action is needed. If it is, an SIA-certified rapid response guard is immediately sent to the site, while the police are also contacted. Fortunately, the high-power nature of RaiderVision’s siren scares off 99% of intruders before they cause any damage or steal items from the site.

Increased legislation for scaffold security alarms

At this point, scaffold security alarms have been a legal requirement on projects within the M25 for a number of years. Yet they are becoming increasingly common across the rest of the UK.

The reasons for this are not only down to the prospect of theft and damage. Health and safety issues also have to be factored into the discussion. It’s not uncommon for children and teenagers to use scaffolds as climbing frames, for example, so it’s important to have a scaffolding alarm system in place to prevent this from happening.

In addition, some insurance companies will declare their policies as invalid if an alarm isn’t fitted on erected scaffolding. Simply put, not using RaiderVision’s alarm hire service could cost you in more ways than one.