The problem – Repeat Burglary Site
Following a request from the SCT for Prevention support, Crime Prevention deployed an external Passive Infrared Sensor to the back of the Charity Shop.
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The problem – Repeat Theft
A recycling centre has been experiencing ongoing theft form the site. The target has batteries and ferrous metals which are attractive to thieves.  Click here for more.

The Problem – Repeat Burglary
Since this retail park opened (just before xmas) there has been 7 burglaries and 3 attempts.No Offenders arrested but at least two burglaries prevented as a result of the quick police response.
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The Problem – Old Football Club House
Although a vacant site, the crime at this location had reached unacceptable levels. It was only a matter of time before someone got hurt with all the smashed glass hanging from the doors/windows and on the floor. Click here for more.