We were starting a project to renovate a 7 bed house in Surrey. Full renovation meant we had no internet connection. Due to this we needed a security system that was fully self contained and did not require mains power, internet connection and able to setup in tight surroundings.

We were pointed in the direction of Raidervision. What a great product! It fitted our spec perfectly!

With a compact setup and cameras/detectors spotted around our site, we could breath a sigh of relief that we now secure. The Raidervision team were great to work with, and very helpful.

With weekly reports on how the system and the cameras are working, we were always up to date on the site security.

After using Raidervision for this project, we will now be implementing this system on future projects. Great system! Great security!

Thanks again
Jules Mora-Cordoba
Brickfield Construction

Brickfield Construction site security