Crime continually evolves and the introduction of new technologies has an influence not just on what is stolen, but how.

All too often the driver for a security review is an incident where time is of the essence and a quick fix needed. The term “temporary security” is often used and for many this implies a second tier product that buys time pending a more substantial replacement.

When we at Doyles were looking for a partner with a unique product, we found that nearly all of them wanted our money with scant regard for our ability to deliver a service. Compound Security bucked the trend and demanded demonstrable evidence that we consistently delivered outstanding customer service and had the resources and technical capability to properly represent them.

Rather than putting us off, this approach inspired us as we knew that reputation of the product(s) and its efficacy far outstripped the desire to make a quick buck. What it also meant was that we could confidently promote the equipment and systems safe in the knowledge that we were not being undermined in other parts of the country with other service partners.

What we found is that the adoption of RaiderVision for example, is that we had a rapid deployment security system that is as robust and reliable as its more permanent, wired alternative. With installations that have been ongoing for over 2 years, the term “temporary” looks like an oxymoron.

There is no question that our association and partnership with Compound Security has enabled us to offer our clients a more rounded service and with it products that better fit their needs. This has had a positive impact on our business on many fronts and we look forward to continuing our association for many years to come.