I was always reluctant to use any kind of recording equipment on the sites I secure, as I have always provided a manned guarding service. However, times are changing and the necessity for technology in the Security Industry has become unavoidable.

I came across the Raidervision system about 4 years ago after searching the web for a wireless recording system, requested by a client. After having a brief conversation over the phone with Howard and Si. I was invited to the office to check the system out and haven’t looked back since.

Howard and Si themselves are extremely approachable and very knowledgeable about the product they supply. They are available to speak with no matter what time of day or night for technical support and will always push themselves to give the best service possible.

Raidervision itself is now an integral part of our Security business. With budget for Security on building sites, always at a minimum, a manned guard is not always affordable. Raidervision has allowed us to provide a premium service to our clients for a fraction of the price of a guard or in some cases on larger projects in addition to a guard, (cutting down the need for multiple guards).

The equipment is easy to use, easily relocatable and very reliable.

I can honestly say I have never had any issues with the equipment or customer service in the four years I have worked with Compound Security.

Highly Recommended.

Mike Cox


JSM Security LTD