"Using the RaiderVision service was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The service is like nothing I have experienced before and gives me total peace of mind; whilst the RaiderVision system itself is outstanding, it’s the service that really stands out as remarkable."

Twice a week, Compound staff request every camera on site send them a video. They check the video to make sure our staff on site haven’t blocked a camera with, for example, a stack of insulation, and, if they have, it’s stated in the twice-weekly report on the efficacy of our security. The report even contains a link to the video, enabling us to see what they mean, then they call us to discuss how to resolve the issue. I love getting these reports - they help me sleep at night!

We often have to move a camera quickly and unexpectedly. If I am on site, I call Compound and let them know; however, I’m not on site all the time and sometimes staff do move a camera then forget about it. RaiderVision’s tamper system sounds an alarm at Compound’s offices, and they are in contact on the phone in minutes. They then talk the person moving the camera through the process of re-siting it correctly, before checking the video remotely to ensure the camera is pointing in the right direction. And there’s no extra charge for this!

Possibly the best part of the service from Compound, however, is their response to alarm activations. Not only is the illumination and video on the RaiderVision system so good that the operator can always tell what triggered it, the report we receive after an alarm contains a link to the video, so we are never charged for unconfirmed alarm activation responses.

We have been working with Compound for five months and I can’t imagine working with a more professional and effective company. We have just purchased another property in south Wales, to be redeveloped into 26 houses, and the only phone call we made when arranging the security of the site was to Compound."

Robert Bailey, Aberdare Schools Development