Vacant Property Security Alarm Hire

Protect your vacant property

Vacant property & property undergoing refurbishment work has seen an increase in squatting (commercial premises mainly) and theft over recent years. Such properties often have no power for periods, no functioning burglar alarm and are generally unlit at night, making them excellent targets. With materials and tools on site, a break in can be a costly experience, this case study involving regular vandalism is a perfect example

Cost effective for all sizes of project

Self-build projects are also highly targetable by thieves, as the self build sector are normally on a tight budget and don’t rank security highly until it is too late. Unless you are 100% confident that your insurance or that of your builder covers every contingency and you are prepared for all the delays caused by theft, The RaiderVision and RaiderVision ARMORED systems are a very cost effective and effective solution for those not willing to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds a week on cabled CCTV or guards.

Highly flexible and user friendly

The RaiderVision security system components are completely wire free and can be easily moved to accommodate the changing structure of the refurbishment or build. Just call our control room and an engineer will talk you through it.

Immediate response

As the RaiderVision vacant property alarm provides instant video confirmation of the cause of the activation, our control room staff are able to request police attendance, something that cannot be done with a non visual system. Although in most cases police are quick to respond, there is sadly no guarantee of a timely response and for this reason, our service includes Security Industry Authority certified rapid response to all confirmed intruder events.


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